Tips for Using LinkedIn for Networking

SmartTalent - 2014 The Benefits of Using LinkedInProfessionals who are not using LinkedIn are putting themselves behind in their careers. Those who use LinkedIn, but are not taking advantage of all it has to offer, are doing the same. In this post, we have put together a list of tips for using LinkedIn.

Complete Your Profile

The first thing you must do is complete your profile so you can acquire more views. When you have a complete profile, you are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities using the social network.

Connect to Those Whom you Trust

The next step in the process is connecting with people you trust on LinkedIn. You can do this by uploading your email address book, then begin sending connection requests to people you trust. Once this is done, you can begin to network with the connections of your contacts to build your reach on LinkedIn.

Customize Requests

When sending connection requests, make sure the messages are personalized. Do not send the generic message generated by the system. You want to be as personal as possible when sending requests to potential connections.

Join LinkedIn Groups

When you join groups on LinkedIn, you will be able to meet people whom you might have never come across. LinkedIn groups allow you to connect with others, expand your network and showcase your brand across the network.

Update Your Status

Use the LinkedIn status feature to your advantage often. The status should include updates about what you are reading, what you are working on and much more.

Comment on Statuses

You have the ability to comment on any of your connection’s statuses, so make sure you do this. Leaving comments that are well-crafted will help you network.

Learn about Companies

LinkedIn has two features that are great for people preparing for a job interview. These two features are the Advanced Search and the Company Pages section. You will be able to learn everything possible about a company prior to sitting down for an interview. When you walk into the interview with this information, you will put yourself ahead of the curve.

Networking in today’s business world is more important than ever, which is why you need to use LinkedIn to build a network. Contact SmartTalent today to speak with an experienced recruiter about your LinkedIn profile and networking options.

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