Interview Prep: What Is Your Greatest Weakness

SmartTalent - What is Your Greatest WeeknessPreparing for a job interview is more important today than ever before. This is due to the incredible competition for jobs in the market following the recession. As you prepare for your next job interview you need to take one important question into account; what is your greatest weakness? The answer to this question needs to be well thought-out so you not only impress the interviewer, but also know what it is you need to work on the most in your career.

Always Be Authentic

One of the first things you must do when answering a question about your greatest weakness is to always be authentic in your answer. You should never choose a weakness simply because you think it sounds good. The interviewer will see right through this tactic. Be honest in your answer and pick a weakness that correlates with the job. Also make sure that the weakness correlates to the industry or position you are applying for.

Pick a Weakness That is Easy to Fix

The next thing you need to do is pick one of your weaknesses that is very easy to fix. When we say easy to fix, we mean that it can be resolved in a short period. An example of a weakness that is easy to fix is having trouble speaking in front of people. You can fix the issue by practicing making presentations in front of family and friends prior to doing so at work.

Mention an Area of Improvement

If you truly cannot think of a weakness that you have right now, you could always discuss an area you improved recently while at another job. Mention to the interviewer that you were struggling with a weakness such as public speaking fears or failure to delegate tasks and then go into how you fixed this weakness and turned it into a strength.

Always Provide an Answer

One thing you must absolutely remember when heading into a job interview is that you should always answer this question. There is no reason we can think of that would have you fail to answer this question. When you refuse to answer it, or tell the interviewer that you have no weaknesses, then you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage in the hunt for a new job. Failing to answer the question will show the interviewer that you never look at yourself and what needs to be improved.

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