Shy People Can Show Passion in Interviews to Find Employment

SmartTalent - Shy PeopleAs a top staffing service in Renton, WA, SmartTalent knows that a good interview can make the difference between finding employment and being left out in the cold.  Unfortunately, many great workers who are shy have difficulty showing the necessary passion and excitement when talking to potential employers. While it is hard to overcome your natural reticence, here are a few tips to help you show the necessary vigor to grab employers’ attention and land your dream job:

  • Rehearse before your interview. Get a spouse or friend to help, or just look in the mirror or record yourself on your computer. Practice answering common interview questions and showing off your strengths. The more prepared you are, and the more often you go through the interview process, the less nerve-wracking it will be.  You may even want to consider working with a professional interview coach to get some feedback.
  • Come prepared with visible proof of your accomplishments. If you are feeling shy, coming prepared with a very selective sample of material showing your accomplishments can be a good solution. Achievement awards or testimonials from past bosses and clients about your success can help you show your potential new employer what you can do. Having the visuals can also make you feel more secure, because you can always fall back on them when you aren’t sure what to say to your interviewer.
  • Focus your mind on your successes ahead of time. You can prepare a brief list of your strengths and the things you are most proud of in your career. Review your list and memorize details about your positive qualities so you will be focused on how to sell yourself when you get in front of your potential new employer.
  • Imagine your success. Picture how the interview process will go before you begin, imagining how confident you will be and how well the interview will go. Mindful meditation leading up to the interview can help to put you at ease and get you on the right path for impressing your potential employer.
  • Learn about the business. Think about why you want to work there, and get yourself excited about the job. If you are truly eager to work in a given position, your excitement should come through – even when you are shy.

When you work with a staffing service like SmartTalent, you’ll have many exciting employment opportunities with our network of employers, and we can match you with the right positions so you’ll feel more confident. The interview process should go much better when you have been matched to a company that is likely to be a good fit for your skills.

Contact SmartTalent today so our Renton staffing agency can help you to find your ideal position in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lynnwood, and throughout Western Washington.


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