Don’t Become Desperate!

Business woman holding a card board with the text message "Hire me" and beging for a job.It is not always easy to find a job. Maybe you are right out of college still seeking employment. Maybe you have been unemployed for a couple of months. Or, maybe you are not happy with your current job and would like a new one. All of these are legitimate reasons to seek out new employment. One thing you must remember as job seeker is that you should never label yourself as a desperate job seeker. This could hurt your chances of landing a new job.

Don’t Reveal Too Much

One of the best ways to avoid branding yourself as a desperate job seeker is by not revealing too much information to the employer. If you have been out of work for a couple of months, it becomes easy to tell an employer this and that you are hoping this opportunity works out because of how bad things are for you right now. You must absolutely avoid doing this as much as possible. It easily labels you as a desperate job seeker. It also makes it seem like you are begging for work.

Focus on One Job

If you are speaking with an employer, do your best to avoid asking about the company having any open jobs. When you do this, it makes you come across as a desperate job seeker. Instead, ask the employer about just one job. Focus on that one job so you do not come across as in-need of a job.

Remain Calm

Should a company call you to schedule a job interview, do your best to remain calm and collected. If you have been out of work for a while, you could get the urge to celebrate on the phone or sound too eager. Tell the employer you need to check your schedule prior to agreeing to a date and time for the interview. Also, if you recognize the number from the company, try not to answer on the first ring.

Follow Up the Right Way

Once your interview has finished, be sure to follow up the right way. Send a handwritten thank you note no later than one week after the interview. Do not call the interviewer multiple times or send emails each day asking about the next steps in the process. This will only make you come across as a desperate job seeker. You must be relevant in your follow up and timely, not too aggressive.

If you are worried about becoming a desperate job seeker, follow the tips outlined in today’s post to avoid branding yourself as such. Contact SmartTalent today to speak with a representative about how you can avoid branding yourself as desperate during a job search.

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