Are You a Job Juggler? Turn Your Employment Experience Into the Career You Want

SmartTalent - Are You A Job JugglerJob jugglers are out there. They are common in the job market and they are out there for various reasons. Some people resort to job hopping because they have not found the perfect job that fits their goals. Others do it because they run into issues at current jobs or wind up not liking where they are working quite often. If you are a job juggler, it does not have to be a bad thing. You can turn your work history into the career you have been longing for since college.

Explain Contributions

The next time you sit down for a job interview, and the interviewer asks why you have jumped from job to job, make sure you explain the contributions you made at those jobs. Discuss specific areas where you made a contribution to a prior employer so the interviewer knows and understands what it is you bring to the table. Also, make sure you make it known that you are looking for long-term, full-time employment so as not to confuse the interviewer. Employers like to see varying experience in their candidates because it can help with a litany of different assignments if hired.

Discuss Diverse Set of Skills

Many job hoppers will acquire a diverse set of skills by working a variety of different jobs during their career. If this is the case for you, make sure you discuss this diverse set of skills during a job interview. Interviewers want to know what skills you have, what new ones you have learned, and how they will translate to the job for which you are interviewing if hired. Employers want to know that you can multi-task because it is an important skill successful workers must have. You might even have to explain how each different skill can help the company.

Find the Right Job

As a job hopper, you might have figured out what the right job is for you. If this is the case, you need to go out and look for that job you have defined as the right one for you. For the most part, all of the jobs worked have helped you create an idea as to what it is you want, or don’t want, in a job. Take these ideas and go find the right job. If you are interviewing for that job, make sure you tell the employer how interested you are in the company. Also, be sure you interview the company. It helps you learn about what is offered and shows how dedicated you are to the job.

Being a job hopper can be a negative label, but it is easy to spin it into a positive one when looking for a new job. All you need to do is follow the tips outlined in this post so you can impress an interviewer and land the right job. Talk with SmartTalent today to begin your search for a long-term, full-time job.

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