Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Hiring Process

SmartTalent - 4 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Hiring ProcessCompanies have different reasons as to why they outsource their hiring process. One reason could be that they need to make a change after a series of bad hires. Another reason could be that the company does not have someone on the payroll who has the time to manage the hiring process. Whatever the reason, there are four major benefits to outsourcing your hiring process. We will discuss all four of those benefits in today’s post.

Improve Strength of Hires

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your hiring process is improving the strength of the hires made. It can be difficult for companies to figure out whether a hire will be a success prior to offering employment. A recruiting firm is trained to find the right candidate for a company’s open job, which is why your hires will improve.

Find Extra Help at a Moment’s Notice

If your company suddenly comes across a major project from a client, you will be able to find extra help without much notice. A staffing firm will have a pool of candidates already vetted and looking for work, so adding extra help last minute will not be a problem. This allows the company to take on rush projects from clients without worrying they will not be completed by the deadline.

Reduce Costs

It costs a pretty penny to hire new employees, and we are not just talking about their salary and benefits. It also takes time for other employees at the company to take part in the hiring process and then train the new employee. Costs go up even higher when the new employee turns out to be a bad hire. This can cost the company anywhere from six to nine months’ of salary in an effort to replace the bad hire. A bad hire also costs the company time because of a lack of worker productivity. When you outsource the hiring process, a staffing firm will be able to help your company reduce costs and avoid bad hires.

Save Time

The fourth benefit to outsourcing the hiring process is that the company will be able to save time. When an employee leaves due to another job, retirement, an illness or for being fired, the company might want to fill the position as quickly as possible. But, the hiring process typically takes months to complete. The length of time to fill the open job can be avoided when partnering with a staffing firm. There is a group of candidates ready to begin work immediately who can be provided by the staffing firm.

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