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SmartTalent - Forklift WorkerIndustrial workers play an instrumental role in the development of goods and the production of tangible items. When you work in industry, you are an integral part of the manufacturing process and you help to create products where none existed before. Industrial workplaces are active environments, where workers often focus their careers on one particular part of the production process.

Industrial work can provide a steady paycheck and often the opportunity for overtime. Advancement within the manufacturing industry is possible for workers on the management track, and employees can learn transferable skills they can carry with them throughout the goods-producing industry.  SmartTalent can help you to explore industrial opportunities as we have hot jobs open now in the industrial field.   Examples of industrial opportunities may include:

  • Production Workers: Production workers do the day-to-day job of assembling products for sale. Production work requires attention to detail, comfort with machinery and equipment, and the ability to work efficiently. Workers often have flexibility to find first, second or third shift positions in production so they can arrange their work schedule around their personal and family commitments.
  • Line Inspectors: Line inspectors are in charge of oversight and quality control. If you have the skill and the interest in ensuring that production is working efficiently and that problems are identified and solved quickly, work as a line inspector may be the best industrial opportunity for you.
  • Quality Control Engineers: In this position, it is up to you to make sure products are safe and are produced to manufacturer specifications.  Work in this position requires careful attention to detail, as a manufacturer’s reputation for quality products depends upon you.
  • Plant Managers: Plant managers must ensure that warehouses, factories, and plants operate smoothly and efficiently. From managing and motivating staff to organizing repairs and facilitating productivity improvements, plant managers do one of the most important jobs in the industrial field.
  • Cleaning Attendants: Cleaning attendants make sure machines and workplace environments are cleaned and ready to go so other industrial workers can do their jobs effectively.

Industrial opportunities are great opportunities if you want to be part of the manufacturing industry and earn a good paycheck while you help make the products that people use every day. SmartTalent has hot jobs available in the industrial industry now. Contact our staffing service to find open positions with good pay and benefits in Fife, Kirkland, and surrounding locales.


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