Hot Job: Production Planner

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that industrial production planners can make well above median wages and take advantage of career opportunities in a variety of different environments. If you have the skills and ability to work as a production planner, you can earn a good living doing interesting work that allows you to see the fruits of your labor.

Skilled production planners are in demand and there are actually hot jobs in this field that are open right now in Renton, WA. The staffing professionals at SmartTalent can help you to explore opportunities available to skilled production planners who are looking for a job that involves:

  • Coordinating operations to meet production goals: A good production planner must work with every department, from sales to manufacturing to programming to shipping. In consultation with other members of the business organization, a production planner must set goals and must manage workflows to produce the desired products on time and on budget. 
  • Facilitating the manufacturing process: Work as a production manager is rewarding because you can see the tangible results of your labor. Your job is to keep all of the systems running, from human resources to machinery, so the desired amount of goods is produced on time. Those physical goods are produced under your watch are a testament to your success as a production planner. 
  • Playing an integral role in supply chain management: A skilled production planner will make recommendations to management about production planning. Good production planners can develop proposals to allocate money and time so goods are produced to meet demand. They can manage operations to comply with contract terms and protect a company’s brand by delivering high-quality goods on time that exceed customer expectations.

If these job tasks sound desirable and you have the knowledge and experience to be a good production planner, SmartTalent can help you explore the job possibilities that are open to you. There are hot jobs available in Renton right now for skilled production planners, so give our staffing service a call today to find out what positions are available you may be a good fit for.

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