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SmartTalent - Maintenance Technician - 2The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median pay for general maintenance workers is $16.93 per hour and the median annual income in this field exceeds $35,000 per year. Work in the maintenance industry often requires only a high school diploma and on-the-job training; although a degree from a vocational school or two- or four-year college can open up additional opportunities.  Job growth in the maintenance sector is expected to be 9 percent per year through 2022, and employees can find work in various positions from plants and factories to field work.

If you are looking for maintenance opportunities, SmartTalent has hot jobs available now for qualified workers.  There is always high demand for those who can do maintenance work and some opportunities which may be available within the industry include:

  • Maintenance Mechanic: A maintenance mechanic performs preventative maintenance on machinery and handles troubleshooting and repairs when things go wrong. Maintenance mechanics keep production going by ensuring the machines manufacturers depend on are working optimally and efficiently.  An understanding of machinery and the ability to work with tools and equipment are key parts of working as a maintenance mechanic.
  • Maintenance Technician: Maintenance technicians monitor machinery and maintain building systems.  Troubleshooting and repairing machinery may also be part of the technician’s job description, but the focus of this position is often on monitoring and coordinating routine maintenance tasks.
  • Repair Technician: Repair technicians are called in when those responsible for general maintenance are unable to provide the specialized repair service necessary. Repair technicians often focus their skills on learning how to troubleshoot and fix a particular machine or specific product. Repair technicians can not only be employed in factory and industrial environments, but also may work for manufacturers of consumer goods and may be called to visit homes, apartments, and commercial buildings to do repair jobs on-site.

If you want to begin your career doing maintenance work now, reach out to SmartTalent. Our staffing firm has maintenance opportunities in Fife, Kirkland, Renton, and surrounding locations.  Find your next career and get a great maintenance job with competitive pay and benefits.


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