Strategies to Manage a Team of Diverse Personalities

SmartTalent - Managing Team of Diverse PersonalitiesHuman resources are some of the most valuable assets a company has, and effective management is key to making the most of your qualified staff. Many companies like to put together a diverse group of workers with the help of a staffing service so they can take advantage of different skills and abilities and get different perspectives. However, if your company has hired a team of qualified candidates who don’t have a lot in common, this can create challenges when it comes to effective management.

So, how can managers and HR professionals make sure that a diverse team is well managed and motivated so the job gets done right? Here are a few key tips:

  • Assign tasks which are well suited to each worker’s skills and abilities. Projects and work assignments can often be broken into chunks, with each chunk of the work assigned to the person best suited for that particular task. It makes no sense to force an employee to complete an entire project from start to finish if there’s someone else on the staff who could do a part of the work better.
  • Praise the individual contributions made by each staff member. When people have diverse talents and abilities, it can be easy to recognize those who make the most obvious contributions while forgetting to praise the efforts of those who work behind the scenes. By focusing on what each team member does best and offering individualized praise, you can keep the overall morale of the team up and reduce unhealthy competition that can stem from a feeling that contributions aren’t all being recognized.
  • Create a safe space for all staff members to be heard. Make sure the diverse opinions and different talents are respected by all team members.  Be sure that everyone understands the roles their co-workers play and that different staff members have time to get to know each other and develop the camaraderie essential to effective teamwork.

SmartTalent helps your company put together a team of diverse employees who will bring unique ideas to your organization and help your business to thrive. Our staffing service can not only help you find great team members, we can also assist your organization in finding successful leaders who are skilled in effective management techniques.  If your business is in Renton, Kirkland, Fife, or in surrounding locations and you need help finding qualified candidates for your team, give our staffing experts at SmartTalent a call.


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