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SmartTalent - Maintenance TechWorking as a maintenance technician gives you the opportunity to be out in the field, making repairs and managing problems with equipment.  Maintenance technicians are in-demand professionals, with the market for maintenance techs projected to grow by around 9 percent by 2022, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The job of a maintenance tech is a rewarding one that lets you work with your hands, and it is different every day because you are in the field and performing a wide variety of different repairs. Maintenance tech work is never boring, and it can provide you with a rewarding career when you find the right position.

SmartTalent can help you find work as a maintenance tech now, as employment is available from companies in Seattle that are recruiting for qualified candidates to hire immediately.  To find out if this hot job is right for you, carefully consider the skills needed and the benefits of the job. Working as a maintenance tech will:

  • Require you to have certain qualifications, including experience in maintenance and construction.  Our staffing professionals can connect you with an employer looking for someone with either five years of practical experience or who is a journeyman or licensed electrician.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to work independently. You’ll be fabricating materials, maintaining and repairing equipment, and performing data entry on maintenance tasks. While company training is available, you’ll be working on your own in the field in many situations and will have autonomy to build a successful career in a professional fast-paced environment.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to earn a great living.  Maintenance tech workers usually make a salary of between $27,450 and $47,250, depending on factors like work location and experience.  There are jobs available for maintenance techs in Seattle right now that pay between $32 and $36 per hour depending on your past job experience.

SmartTalent has jobs available for maintenance technicians now in Seattle, WA.  Related positions are also available in Fife, Renton, Kirkland, and surrounding locations. Find out more about this hot job by checking out the job listing and determining if this position is the right one for your next career move.


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