Are You Losing Top Talent to Your Competition

SmartTalent - Cost of Losing TalentYou know that the talent you hire is going to make or break the success of your organization. If your competitors seem to be getting all the industry leaders, this is a big problem for the long-term survival of your business. You need the best and the brightest to come and work for you. Consider revamping your recruiting efforts if this isn’t happening.

Staffing professionals can help you to recruit the candidates that you are looking for who will help your business to thrive. Following some basic tips to shake things up a bit can also make a big difference. To help you find and hire the candidates you need, consider:

  • Building your brand as an employer. Many industry leaders look to the Internet to get feedback on companies they are considering working for. Do you have a strong online brand that shows your company is a successful and innovative organization? Do you have a good reputation on social networks and on sites where employees go to compare information? You want to make sure that when professionals you are recruiting search for your business, they like what they find. A stronger online brand can also be a good thing for attracting clients as well, so this can be a win-win for your organization.
  • Offering flexibility and nonmonetary benefits.  While you need to offer a competitive salary, today, money isn’t the only thing most job seekers look for.  Top candidates increasingly value a family-friendly corporate culture that provides a good work/life balance.  See what your options are for offering flex time and other benefits that are attractive to millennial workers.
  • Turn to the professionals. Staffing services have vast networks of workers who are pre-screened and looking for open positions. A staffing professional can connect you with candidates who will be interested in working for your business. As you meet candidates, keep an open mind and look for innovation and motivation, as you just may find the next generation of leaders and can swoop them up before your competitors do.

SmartTalent has a vast network of talented employees looking for work in Lynnwood, Fife, Renton, Kirkland, and surrounding locations. Our staffing professionals will make your recruiting easy by helping you connect with top talent before your competitors can offer these industry leaders employment.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you be competitive with your hiring so you can build a strong team.


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