How Long Should You Stay in a Job You Hate?

No one wants to stay in a bad situation longer than they have to. Whether it’s a bad relationship or job you hate, you want to move on to new opportunities as quickly as possible. However, sometimes the situation gets complicated. When it does, how do you know how long to stay in that hated situation? 

Imagine the situation: Every day has become a grind. You feel sick in the morning when you remember you have to get up and go to work. Meanwhile, you feel relieved the moment you step out of the office door in the afternoon. You hate your job.  

However, you have to be thoughtful about the situation. You have bills to pay and responsibilities to fulfill. Quitting would represent a big decision. 

So, what do you do? Here are a few steps you should take to consider your next move: 

Diagnose the Problem 

Why don’t you like your current job? It might be hard to pinpoint an exact reason at first, but there are likely particular problems that you can identify. By figuring out which aspects of the job create the most friction, you can either solve the issues or know that you’ll have to move on.  

There’s an added benefit here, as well. If you decide to leave, considering the problems with your current position will let you know what to avoid in your next job. 

Work for Change (But Don’t Expect It) 

As long as you’re in the position, you should try to make the most of it. If there are problems you can solve, take whatever steps you can to implement the change.  

However, don’t fall into the trap of constant, unfaltering optimism. You can’t count on the situation to get any better. Do what you can, but be realistic about your likelihood of success. 

Research Your Options  

Okay, so you hate your job. What else could you be doing instead? Until you know what your other options are, you’re stuck in your current position.  

As such, you need to know what else is out there. Start researching other opportunities. So you will know what steps you have to take to find something better. As much as you hate your current position, it might be the best chance you have at the moment. 

Don’t Make Rash Decisions 

Every once in awhile, we all have that fantasy about storming into our boss’s office and quitting in a grand, dramatic gesture. That’s almost always a bad move.  

Even if you decide it’s time to leave, plan your exit carefully. Make sure you figure out your next move and make all the necessary preparations for a smooth departure. It may feel good at the moment to storm out of the office, but you don’t want to end up regretting the decision. 

Don’t Burn Bridges 

Once it’s finally time to leave, don’t take any opportunity to air your grievances on the way out. As much as you think management screwed up and as resentful as you’ve become with your coworkers, there’s no point in telling people off on your last day. 

In other words, don’t leave a wrong impression as you exit. Remember: you are on your way to better opportunities. There’s no reason for bad feelings anymore. Besides, you might need a recommendation or networking help sometime in the future. It’s better to keep those options alive. 

If you are ready to leave your current position, make sure your next job is better. You don’t want to jump from one bad situation to another. Working with a top-flight recruiting firm, like SmartTalent, lets you find the ideal placement to maximize your satisfaction and drive your career forward. 

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