How to Reassess Your 2021 Goals

You started 2021 with such hope. Especially after the dumpster fire that was 2020, you were ready to get your career back on track. Now the year is more than a third over. How have you done? Time to assess your 2021 goals.

Generally speaking, it’s hard to chase down annual goals. Just look at how most people treat New Year’s resolutions. Studies indicate that 80% of those January promises last less than a month. A scant 8% survive to become long-term achievements.

That’s why it’s important to reassess the objectives you set for yourself. Through this process, can keep your goals fresh. At the same time, you can reframe them based on changing circumstances.

However, it’s important to think about how to best accomplish this task. You want to reconsider your goals in the right way in order to optimize their effectiveness. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you reassess your goals for 2021.

Setting Achievable Goals

First, it’s important to think about the process of setting goals. You need to consider these basics before looking at your specific objectives for 2021. By knowing how to set the right kind of targets, you increase your chance of making meaningful progress.

Experts often summarize the structure of a well-considered goal with the acronym SMART. It breaks down like this:

Specific: A broad goal, like “lose weight,” has little meaning. Something like “stop eating double desserts” is more actionable.

Measurable: How do you know if you’re making progress? Set a goal that is easy to measure.

Attainable: Overly aggressive targets just set you up for failure. Instead, set your sights on a smaller victory. Then, when you achieve that, you can establish another, more ambitious, target.

Relevant: Make sure your goals are pointed in the right direction.

Timely: Set a timeline for your objectives. Open-ended promises are hard to maintain. Instead, focus on discreet achievements with clear deadlines.

Assessing Your 2021 Goals

Now that you have a framework to judge your goals, you can take a look at the ones you set for 2021. Use the following steps to see if you remain on track:

Know How to Measure Progress

Check to make sure your original goals followed the SMART structure. Reassess whether they are specific enough, with measurable targets and a clear timeline. If not, it’s time to reframe them in a way that makes them easier to achieve.

Understand What’s Changed

You probably set your 2021 goals late in 2020. How have things evolved since then? Have new priorities come to the forefront? Have the conditions of your life changed?

These questions will let you know if your objectives remain relevant. If you lost your job or had a close relative get sick, some of your previous goals might not seem as important. Time to update your priorities given the new conditions.

Look Beyond 2021

The year will be over before you know it. Within a few months, it will be time to start thinking about your 2022 goals. As such, don’t get too bogged down in short-term concerns.

Take the long view in mind. Your objectives should build on each other. Consider where you want to be years from now and work backward from there. Let these broader objectives shape your more immediate targets.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Maybe you haven’t made as much progress as you planned at the start of 2021. Don’t get down. Start from today with your newly reconsidered set of goals. Attack those with optimism and high spirits.

Whatever your career goals for 2021 and beyond, you can benefit from a strong support system. Teaming with a strong recruiting partner, like SmartTalent, can turn your dreams into reality.

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