Could Flexible Work Options Help Increase your Candidate Pool

Could Flexible Work Options Help Increase your Candidate Pool - SmartTalentAs your organization competes to hire the best and the brightest, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from competitors and ensure that you are capturing the industry leaders. There are lots of ways to attract top talent to your organization, but one of the best approaches may involve offering a flexible work schedule.

Offering flextime is a great way to boost the prospects of effective recruiting for a lot of reasons.

  • Offering flextime attracts candidates seeking a better work-life balance. Most millennials want to balance their job and family life and be very involved in their out-of-work activities. By offering flextime that provides room for job candidates to fulfill family obligations and explore their passions, you differentiate yourself from employers requiring traditional 9-to-5 workdays. Candidates looking for this flexibility will gravitate towards you.
  • Flextime is a low-cost, or no-cost, benefit. While offering many other benefits like higher salaries or better insurance coverage can be very costly, there is usually little to no expense associated with allowing workers to have flexibility over their own schedule. You improve your recruiting efforts without affecting your bottom line, which is a big win!
  • Flextime allows for more motivated employees. Once you manage to hire top talent, keep them motivated with flextime because they won’t be worried about how to meet family obligations. By providing the opportunity to work on their own time, you ensure they get all their needs met so they can be 100 percent focused on work tasks when they are on the clock.  This means you get a more productive workforce and you boost morale by reducing the stress that comes with struggling to balance work and life.

When you want to get the widest pool of qualified candidates in Fife, Kirkland, Renton, Lynnwood, and surrounding areas, turning to a top staffing agency is often your best bet.  SmartTalent has developed a solid reputation for helping employees to tap into vast networks of qualified job candidates who are ready to help make their business successful. Contact us to find out more.  


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