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SmartTalent - Hot Job - Customer ServiceCustomer service representatives do rewarding and important work. Whether answering phones or providing in-person service, customer service representatives are the public faces of the companies that hire them. In customer service, no two days will be the same as you’ll get different customer questions and interact with new people. You should have a good team of co-workers helping you solve problems and connect with customers, and you’ll make a great living with the right position.

The good news is you can find a great job as a customer service representative right now since SmartTalent has hot jobs available within this industry. You should consider finding work in customer support jobs today with the help of our staffing service because:

  • Demand for customer service reps is growing faster than average. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there will be 10 percent expected growth in demand for customer service representatives through 2024. High demand in the industry means you’ll always be able to find work and may even have your pick of open positions.
  • On-the-job training and skill building. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates most customer service reps are required to have only a high school diploma. Most of the training for the position occurs on the job. When you begin working, you’ll also learn transferrable skills that can help you succeed in your current position as well as in future jobs you may take on.
  • Jobs are available now. You can find a great position as a customer service representative today when you reach out to the staffing professionals at SmartTalent. The customer service jobs available now are competitive in pay, offer great employment benefits and perks, and can give you the chance to jumpstart your career.

Hot jobs in customer service are available now and we can help you find work in Renton, Fife, Kirkland, and surrounding areas. SmartTalent is a trusted full-service staffing agency that has helped many people find great customer support jobs where they can thrive while working with people and earning a good living. To learn more and to find your next opportunity from the open jobs available now, contact us today.


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