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SmartTalent - Hot Job Tooling SpecialistTooling specialists are considered by Bureau of Labor Statistics to be part of a group of workers made up of machinists as well as tool and die makers. BLS indicates there is 6 percent growth within the industry hiring tooling specialists, and those who are hiring in this field typically include factories, machine shops, and tool rooms. SmartTalent is in contact with companies hiring now, so qualified workers should not hesitate to reach out.

Usually, the education required to thrive in these manufacturing jobs is obtained on-the-job through apprenticeship programs, through community and technical colleges, and through vocational schools. Technical knowledge is necessary, and you can earn a great living if you find the right position. SmartTalent has jobs available now for tooling specialists who are looking for hot jobs within the manufacturing sector. You can find work which:

  • Pays well. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that median hourly pay rates in 2014 for tooling specialists were several dollars above the median pay for all occupations. Those who are interested in finding tooling jobs with help from SmartTalent will find the salaries offered are competitive for the industry. Benefits are also available.
  • Provides an opportunity to work with quality companies. Manufacturing jobs available through SmartTalent are great jobs because we build relationships with businesses that hire tooling specialists. Work sites are safe, work is interesting, and your contributions will be appreciated by caring employers. 
  • Further develops your skills. Tooling specialists will be involved in the use of mechanically controlled machines to produce quality finished products. Developing and perfecting skills in the field of computer-controlled machines and mechanically controlled machines means you’ll strengthen your professional knowledge and set yourself up for career advancement.

Tooling specialists looking for work in Fife, Kirkland, or Renton can turn to SmartTalent for help. Our staffing professionals have strong connections in the industrial and manufacturing fields, and we can help place qualified candidates in hot manufacturing jobs available now for tooling specialists. Contact us today to learn more.


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