Strategies to Build a Stronger Staffing Partnership

Partnership - SmartTalentWhen your company uses a staffing service to fill open positions, you benefit from the experience and knowledge that staffing professionals bring to the table. You can shortcut the hiring process by outsourcing your recruiting efforts to an outside staffing service, and you can ensure candidates are pre-screened so you don’t waste your time with people who are unqualified. You’ll often end up with a better workforce with less effort on your part.

The key to effectively using a staffing service to help with your hiring needs is to build a strong staffing partnership. There are a few things your business can do to help facilitate this important relationship including:

  • Communicate openly. The staffing professionals helping with your hiring need to know the details about open jobs and about the candidates you are looking for so they can find the best people for your organization. It is imperative you are open, honest, and detailed in your communications with the staffing agency so they understand exactly what your goals are. The more information you provide, the better the staffing service can do in helping you to identify potential candidates who are right for your open positions.
  • Listen carefully. Communication is a two-way street. You need to be open and honest and willing to listen to feedback and advice from the staffing professionals who are helping you. You’re outsourcing parts of your hiring process because you want experts to handle it, so let the staffing professionals put their knowledge to work.   
  • Provide feedback. Feedback is key so the staffing service knows whether they’re meeting your needs and so adjustments can be made. You can offer feedback about the candidates sent for interviews, about job ads and job descriptions produced by staffing professionals, and about the candidates who you actually end up hiring. The more feedback you provide, the better the staffing agency becomes at helping you to find the perfect candidates for positions in your business.

SmartTalent has extensive experience serving as a staffing partner to companies in Kirkland, Lynwood, Renton, and surrounding areas. Top companies in the area trust us because of our commitment to finding the most qualified candidates and because of our skill in helping companies to build top-notch workforces. Whether your company is large or small and whether you need temp or full-time workers, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.


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