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Maintenance Tech - SmartTalentMaintenance technicians have a very important job, because they keep things up and running. Whether you work in a factory or out in the field, the job of a maintenance technician is to keep machinery in good repair and keep operations going.

Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for maintenance workers is expected to grow around 6 percent, which is on pace with the national average. Maintenance technicians have a median pay well above minimum wage at $17.61 per hour – but some maintenance techs can make more.

For those who are qualified and ready to get started in a great position that offers lots of opportunity for career growth, there are actually hot jobs available now through SmartTalent.

Hot Jobs Available for Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance technicians can find temporary or full-time work quickly with the help of our staffing service if you have the skills to get started. As a maintenance technician, you will be expected to know how to:

  • Inspect equipment, recognize problems, and find solutions. You may need to do routine inspections and service to keep machinery and equipment up and running. You will also be expected to troubleshoot and find issues affecting operations, which you can repair when the need arises.
  • Use tools to complete your job tasks. Hand tools and power tools may be needed to disassemble machinery and equipment, find problems and fix the issues which exist. You need to understand how to use the tools of the trade effectively.
  • Follow best practices for safety at all times. Safety is key for maintenance techs, no matter where you are working or what type of machinery and equipment you are maintaining. You need to follow good manufacturing practices and ensure compliance with all safety rules and regulations.

Don’t waste another day wondering if the perfect maintenance technician position is out there for you. Contact SmartTalent to find out how our staffing service can help you to find hot jobs available now. Our staffing professionals can provide assistance to those looking for maintenance technician jobs in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to find out more.

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