Should Your Workplace Foster Competition?

Workplace Competition - SmartTalentCompetition in the workplace can often be a great thing because it can push employees to reach new heights as they strive to excel. At the same time, however, your company needs to make sure your workplace environment does not become so competitive that it is cutthroat and unpleasant for employees. Achieving a careful balance by encouraging healthy competition while still rewarding collaboration is definitely worth the effort because:

  • Competition can encourage innovation. When employees are encouraged to compete to come up with great new ideas or to become more efficient, this often prompts workers to think outside the box. New products or processes may be developed by workers looking for a leg up that will help them stand out from the crowd. Your company can benefit from these innovative ideas as effective solutions can be widely implemented.
  • Competition can make employees more passionate. Employees want to feel like their contributions are recognized, and everyone feels better if they are seen as a “winner.” If you give your workers the chance to compete in order to make a big impact, you’ll make employees more passionate about doing great work so they can better stand out from their peers. 
  • Competition can keep employees motivated. Sometimes, staying motivated can be a challenge when you only have abstract goals to achieve. If employees know they are in direct competition and they understand exactly what it takes to win, they’ll be more motivated to achieve the specific successes they need to earn recognition and reward. This boost to employee motivation can help to foster and encourage increased productivity and growth.
  • Competition can help you identify leaders. Those who come out on top of the competition often have the drive and skills necessary to become leader within your business organization.

A healthy level of competition means rewarding those who excel, while ensuring everyone is given a voice and a chance to thrive. A staffing service can help you to find qualified employees in Kirkland, Fife, and Renton who will thrive in a competitive yet collaborative environment. Contact SmartTalent to learn more about finding top candidates who can work for your organization.


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