Why You Should Be Prepared to Discuss Failure

Be Prepared to Discuss Failure - SmartTalentNo one ever likes to fail at anything. The reality is, however, that failure is a part of life. If you have had past jobs which haven’t turned out as expected or been involved with projects that were not a success, you are not alone. Almost everyone has professional setbacks. The key to dealing with these past blunders during your job search is not to hide them or avoid addressing the failure head-on. Instead, be prepared to discuss failure during the job search process.

Why should you be prepared to discuss failure? For lots of different reasons:

  • You may be asked about past failures during a job interview. Employers frequently ask about your biggest weaknesses or about a time in the past when you have failed. Be prepared with an answer; however, don’t speak negatively about a past failure. Be ready to explain a time when you failed, what went wrong and provide an answer about how you’ll avoid such mistakes in the future.
  • Discuss past failures with a recruiter. If you are getting help from a recruiter or a professional staffing service, to make sure the person helping you has a true understanding of your skills. Discussing past failures can help the recruiter to find companies where you are most likely to be a good fit. 
  • Avoid repeating your mistakes. Face up to past failures and think about what went wrong so you can watch out for red flags as you consider future opportunities. You can learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them.

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