Questions To AVOID Asking In An Interview

Smarttalent - Questions to Avoid Asking in an InterviewAs you prepare for yet another job interview, you will update your resume, write a new cover letter and practice answers to the most difficult questions you will face. One thing you must prepare for is asking questions of the interviewer. You want to ask pertinent, challenging questions that show your depth and critical thinking skills. But, you do not want to ask inappropriate or unnecessary questions, especially the ones we will discuss in this post.

How Early Can I Take Vacation?

This is one of the worst questions you can ask an interviewer. Employers are looking for candidates who want to come to work each day, pull their weight and submit high-quality work. Even if you have vacation planned at your current job, never mention it before you have even been offered employment at a new company. It will make you come across as someone who will not be committed to the new company.

Can I Telecommute?

Never ask an employer if telecommuting is available. If you want to telecommute, start a freelance business. If the job permits telecommuting, the posting would have said so. When you ask this question, it shows that you either have a tough schedule to work around, that you do not like to be supervised or that you have trouble working with others.

What is the Salary?

Avoid asking about salary in the first, and even second, interview. When you pose this question, you give the impression that you are only concerned about taking home a paycheck. You should only discuss compensation when an offer of employment has been made by the company.

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Promotion?

Along the same lines as the salary question, never ask how long you need to work at the company before you can be promoted. Give the impression that you are not interested in the job for which you are interviewing. It also says that you are only looking for something better.

Do I Have to Work on Weekends?

When you ask about the hours required per week or working on weekends, you may give off the wrong impression. Instead of asking this question, use a question that asks about the typical workday at the company.

What Benefits Do you Offer?

Try not to ask about benefits, such as health coverage, during the job interview. Instead, wait to discuss benefits during the negotiation period or if the subject is broached by the interviewer.

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