Creating a Culture of Safety

Safety Culture - SmartTalentWorkplace safety must be a top priority for every employer because of the tremendous consequences that arise whenever a safety failure occurs. Employee injuries are devastating to the worker, and they also mean that a company is shorthanded and looking at potential liability. Fortunately, the risk of workplace injuries can be significantly reduced and injuries can be avoided when employers create a culture of safety.

So, how can your business make sure that safety is woven into the fabric of your corporate culture?

  • Make sure that leaders model the desired behavior. Managers and other company leaders should model the behavior they want to see all employees exhibit. At all times, managers need to have a safety first attitude, and they need to put that into practice with every action. 
  • Clearly communicate your key safety values. Employees need to understand what is expected in terms of best practices for safety and why taking particular safety precautions is important. Impose specific and detailed safety requirements, explain these requirements from day one, and regularly communicate that establishing a safe work site is one of your company’s prime missions. 
  • Establish accountability. Put someone in charge of making sure that safety equipment is available; checking machines and tools to make sure machine guards and other manufacturer-recommended safety features are in place; and monitoring for safety compliance. When there is a specific person tasked with keeping a work space safe, everyone knows who is accountable for lapses. This encourages the responsible party to take ownership and to go the extra mile to ensure a safe work site.

Creating a safe work site means you need a great staff who are going to prioritize workplace safety. To reduce liability, limit injury risks and ensure you have the safest possible work site, contact an experienced staffing agency for help hiring great people. SmartTalent can help with your hiring process in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lynnwood, Lacey and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to learn more about the assistance we can offer your company in your quest for talented workers who prioritize safety.

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