Qualities Top Administrative Talent Need

nov-qualities-top-administrative-talent-needsAdministrative employees keep everything running smoothly at your organization. When your staff consists of good administrative talent, everyone can stay more organized and productivity is increased. Good admins can keep everything on track so unexpected issues don’t arise or issues are dealt with quickly. Admins have many important roles to play, and people who do this job well are invaluable to a business.

Of course, it can sometimes be hard for companies to find administrative employees who are able to excel in their jobs and keep everything running smoothly. When looking for administrative talent, look for:

  • Strong organizational skills. Good administrative staff members need to keep an office organized, keep track of schedules and multitask in effective ways. Being organized is essential to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and the right tasks get prioritized.
  • Computer skills. Admins have to be able to use the computer to do lots of different things, from preparing correspondence to updating Excel spreadsheets to placing orders and making travel arrangements. It is important to find an administrative professional who is efficient and skilled at basic computer work.
  • Attention to detail. Strong attention to detail is key because a mistake on the part of administrative employees can affect office operations for many others. With so many different important things to keep track of, administrative professionals need to be able to focus on the little things.
  • People skills and interpersonal skills. Administrative jobs often require the ability to interact with clients, potential customers and other employees. Administrative workers need good people skills to be able to do this job effectively and to represent the company in a positive light.

Finding good administrative employees does not have to be a guessing game or difficult – you can turn to staffing professionals who can help. SmartTalent offers top staffing solutions  top help companies to recruit administrative talent in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynwood, Everett and surrounding areas. If you want to find admin workers who will help your organization to be successful, give us a call today.

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