Creating a Dialogue with Your Interviewer

nov-creating-a-dialogue-with-your-interviewerWhen you are involved in a job search, creating a dialogue with your interviewer is very important. If you connect with the person doing the hiring, they are far more likely to see you as a good addition to the team. You can make a positive impression so you will hopefully be called back for the next phase and eventually get the job.

Of course, having a successful job interview is easier said than done, as many people are not sure how to connect. These tips can help:

  • Listen carefully and provide answers to what you are asked. Too many people wait for their turn to talk or launch in with prepared answers and don’t really think about what the employer is asking. For there to be a dialogue, you need to think about how to answer in the most responsive way and provide answers that offer the opportunity for follow-up questions and back and forth communication.
  • Always stay on the topic being discussed. Don’t try to shift the topic, even if you are hoping to show off skills in a different area. Whether you are involved in small talk or a substantive discussion, think about what you are asked and let the interviewer take the lead.
  • Ask smart and informed questions. At some point during the interview process, you are likely to be asked if you have any questions about the job or the company. Plan in advance for this opportunity by doing some research and being prepared to ask good questions. Provide the opportunity for the potential employer to share the type of information that allows for a back and forth exchange of ideas. Make sure your questions are as open-ended as possible.

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