Interview Tricks That Make a Great Impression


A job interview is one of the most important parts of the job search process, and your interview performance can make or break you when it comes to being considered as a new hire. Be ready to excel in your interview so you can impress the hiring manager and make it to the next phase in the hiring process.

So, how can you make sure every interview goes as smoothly as possible? These interview tricks can help:

  • Showcase confidence. A firm handshake can go a long way towards making a positive first impression. Make eye contact with a hiring manager, avoid fidgeting during the interview, maintain good posture and try to avoid coming across as desperate or overly anxious. 
  • Arrive early. Being late for an interview makes a really bad impression and makes a hiring manager think you are unreliable. You should leave yourself ample time to get to an interview early so you don’t take a chance of being late due to unexpected delays. Arriving early also gives you time to calm down and compose yourself before walking into the interview, whereas rushing to arrive could leave you stressed and flustered.
  • Prepare in advance. Think about what professional accomplishments you want to emphasize and how you want to come across in the interview. Preparing can give you more confidence and help you impress a hiring manager.
  • Be ready for hard-to-answer questions. There are certain common interview questions that are asked and can trip up a lot of job seekers. If you think about your answers in advance, you can formulate good replies to some of the most difficult interview questions to show yourself in a positive light.

Learning these interview tricks is sure to help you succeed in impressing a hiring manager during a job interview. However, you still need to land that interview and get your foot in the door.

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