Hot Job: Land Acquisition

The acquisition of land is a complex multistage process. A professional land acquisitioner takes on the responsibility of overseeing this process and completing the essential steps necessary for a successful transaction. A land acquisitioner plays a vital role in land development, and is able to earn a good living while helping do their part in improving communities by facilitating the effective development of raw land.

If you have the qualifications and think work as a land acquisitioner may be for you, SmartTalent can help you to find a rewarding and lucrative position. There are hot jobs open now in the field of land acquisition which will allow you to take on many responsibilities including:

  • Following up on land leads. You will be facilitating initial meetings with sellers and preparing a comprehensive report on all information pertinent to a plot of land. This can include a description of the property; details on seller demands; and comprehensive info on the conditions of a successful sale.
  • Researching potential acquisitions and conducting due diligence. A key part of your work as a land acquisitioner will involve doing title research; researching municipal rules and guidelines; and analyzing financial aspects of different development opportunities.
  • Interfacing with relevant parties to a land transaction. Negotiating with sellers, communicating with city officials; and building strong relationships with brokers, land owners, and land developers will be key to success as a land acquisitioner.

Work as a land acquisitioner allows you to exhibit many talents, from using your emotional intelligence to form bonds with sellers and developers to using your business acumen and negotiating skills to find viable land and to close land acquisition deals on favorable terms. With land acquisition, the work is never dull as you are constantly out in the field and working on new deals.

If you are ready to make this exciting field your career, SmartTalent can help you to find an open land acquisition job today. Contact us to discover more about how our staffing professionals can help you find a career as a land acquisitioner or a job in other fields you may be interested in. Call today to find out more.

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