Hot Job: Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

One of the most important people on any work site is the person in charge of ensuring the safety of staff members.

On many work sites, there is the potential for danger and staff members put at risk. If you want to be the person who ensures these potentially high-risk environments are safe so lives can be saved and illnesses can be avoided, a job as an environmental health and safety specialist may be the right career choice for you.

For qualified candidates with real-world experience and a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies or a related field, SmartTalent can help you find a job for an environmental health and safety specialist. Your duties in this position will include:

  • Regulatory compliance to ensure a safe work site. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration imposes many work safety requirements. Other regulations require the preparation of a hazardous waste annual report; a community right-to-know report; and a water permit sampling report. It will be your job to know work safety rules, ensure they are complied with and prepare all essential reports, meeting all requirements and ensuring complete and accurate data.
  • Planning and supervising of essential work tasks. Some of the many tasks you will schedule and oversee include shipping hazardous waste; changing filters; and planning and stocking chemicals.
  • Monitoring safety protocols and enhancing the safety of work sites. You will undertake a broad array of tasks designed to make the work site as safe as possible for all staff members. Your efforts may include contributing to site training plans; orienting employees; providing safety training; creating site preparedness and emergency plans; and much more.

Environmental safety managers take higher-risk environments and follow best practices for safety to make those work sites as safe as they can be. The work of environmental safety managers affects the lives of every worker.

If this job sounds like a good fit for you, or if you are interested in other opportunities to find meaningful work in making work sites safer, give our staffing service a call today. SmartTalent helps qualified candidates find jobs that are fulfilling with competitive salaries and good benefits. Contact us now to find out more.

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