Asking Your Boss About Work From Home Options

Working from home is great. You can cut your commute down to zero, be more available to your family, and potentially even get a lot more done. Plus, you don’t have to buy a bunch of business clothes and you can cook at home, saving money on food.

Unfortunately, not every company allows its employees to work from home. If the business you work for doesn’t already permit you to work out of your house, here are some tips for talking with your boss about work-from-home options:

  • Suggest a trial period: Often, employers are worried about saying yes to a stay-at-home arrangement because they aren’t sure how it will work out and they don’t want to feel locked in once they’ve said yes. You can increase the chances of your employer being open to allowing you to work from home if you suggest trying it out only for a limited time before re-evaluating whether it’s working.
  • Come prepared with a plan: You shouldn’t just ask your employer to work from home. You should paint a picture for your employer of what this would look like. Provide details on how often you want to work from home, how often you’d come back into the office, how you’d handle deliverables, and what meetings you’d need to attend. The easier it is for your employer to visualize a successful work-at-home arrangement, the more likely it is the employer will accede to your request.
  • Show how working-from-home can help the company: Working from home undoubtedly would be good for you, but your employer isn’t going to say yes just because you want them to and think working at home would make your life better. You need to explain what benefits the company would get from allowing you to work at home. If you think you’d be more productive in a quieter environment, for example, you can explain why.

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