Is Your Attitude Holding You Back?

The job search process can be frustrating, especially if you left your old job under unpleasant circumstances. It’s easy to get jaded and frustrated when you are looking for work, but unfortunately this type of attitude can really hurt your career prospects.

Having a bad attitude can hurt your job search efforts in several ways including the following:

  • You may miss out on applying for opportunities: If you find yourself feeling discouraged and depressed about your prospects, you may decide not to apply to jobs you think might be a reach for you. Far from being a wasted effort, applying for these types of positions could open doors you never imagined. You should look at each job listing with fresh eyes and a positive can-do attitude if you want to succeed in advancing your career.
  • You may come across as undesirable in interviews: If you are not excited about a job, faking enthusiasm is difficult, and you may not come across as genuine. This could hurt your career prospects and make it even harder to find work – which in turn compounds your frustration and creates a vicious cycle. To make sure you don’t come across as disinterested or discouraged, focus on what’s great about the job and get yourself excited before you go to an interview.
  • Your social media posts could be a turnoff to employers: When you have a bad attitude, turning to social media to vent may be second nature. Unfortunately, this could end up costing jobs. Most employers check social media posts before hiring and if yours is full of complaints, they’re likely to pass you over for a happier candidate.

One of the best ways to improve your attitude is to shake up your job search so you get excited again. You can do this by reaching out to staffing professionals who can help you land interviews with companies you would be excited to work for. SmartTalent can help you find great jobs in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas, so if you’re ready to take a positive, proactive approach to finding your next career, give us a call today.

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