What’s the Cost of Working with a Recruiter? Plot Twist: It’s free!

Typically getting help from a professional costs money. Call a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant, and you’ll likely eventually have to pay a bill. That’s not true with a recruiter.

Turning to a professional to help fast-track your job search doesn’t require you to shell out any cash. The process is free to you, meaning you get all the advantages of an expert job-matching service without dipping into your bank account.

Why is that? Does the recruiter work on a volunteer basis just for the joy of boosting your career?

Not quite. Rather, the service is free to you because the recruiter gets paid by the companies looking for talent. This dynamic creates an amazing value for you.

How to Get Started

Working with a recruiter isn’t just free. It also comes with a lot of added benefits for you as a job seeker. You’ll find better positions, and you’ll land them faster than you would on your own.

The process of working with a recruiter is easy and fairly straightforward. In many ways, it resembles the normal application process for a job. However, in this case, you’re essentially applying for a myriad of positions at once.

Here’s the basic process to get started with a recruiter:

  • Prepare your resume and other documents. Make sure you put your best foot forward by perfecting your resume.
  • Find a recruiter that suits you. Research the ideal partner to accelerate your career development.
  • Contact the recruiter. Follow the process of submitting your name to the recruiter. You should find guidance on their website. If not, feel free to email or call for further details.
  • Stay engaged in the process. After you’ve made contact with a recruiter, take steps to push the process forward.

Benefits of Working with a Recruiter

Yes, working with a recruiter is free. But the lack of cost represents just part of the value you’ll receive. Here are a few other benefits you’ll enjoy when you work with a staffing agency:

Get hired faster

A recruiter can reduce the time needed to land a job. The staffing firm will have connections with a wide variety of potential employers who are currently looking for talent. As a result, you can slot into a position quickly.

Widen your access to potential employers

When you apply for a job, typically, you will be considered for a single position. Meanwhile, that process takes a sizable amount of time. Team with a recruiter, and you essentially apply for multiple jobs at once.

Receive insider knowledge

Working with a recruiter also gives you a unique glimpse into the companies considering you. The staffing agency will have insider info about these employers. You’ll get the tips you need to land the job and succeed from Day One.

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