Tips on Recruiting Hard-to-Find Candidates

Recruiting hard-to-find candidates is a challenging endeavor when your company is looking for someone to fill a specific position. When you have a demand for what skills and abilities a candidate has, you need to be prepared to be aggressive in your job search and to use all the tools at your disposal. Often, this means working with a staffing service who has a vast network of available candidates, one of who may be a perfect fit.

Taking the time to look for the right candidates for hard-to-fill positions is important and the payoff will be worth the effort, but remember to keep these key things in mind when recruiting hard-to-find candidates:

  • You may not find the perfect person: When you have a clear idea of the perfect candidate for a hard-to-fill position, you may find yourself coming up short time and again. Remember your ideal candidate may not exist in the real world … and may not need to. If you can find a candidate who meets most of your criteria and perhaps brings some unexpected skills to the table, you could end up in a much better position overall.
  • You should focus on the core skills you need: Because you may not find a candidate who has absolutely every skill you are seeking, it’s important to narrow down what is most important. Consider the essential hard skills and soft skills the candidate for the position absolutely must have and be willing to have a little flexibility on the rest.
  • A staffing service can help: Staffing professionals know how to fill positions where finding the right candidate is a challenge. A good recruiter can help you get to the essence of what you need when hiring a candidate for a hard-to-fill position and can match you with talented professionals who will exceed your expectations.

SmartTalent has extensive experience helping companies in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas find those hard-to-find candidates for positions where a specific skill set is needed. Our staffing service can help your company find the ideal candidate by tapping into our vast talent pool. To find out more about how we make recruiting easy, even for difficult situations, give us a call today.

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