Don’t Dodge a Question

Being asked a tough interview question can be frustrating. When you don’t have a clear answer ready, you may find yourself tempted to dodge the question or lead the conversation in a different direction. While it can be tempting to try to evade a difficult question, you don’t want to do this as the interviewer will notice and your efforts to avoid answering could be a big red flag.

Instead of trying to avoid answering a query, you should instead be proactive in finding the best answer possible even if the question is a hard one for you. Some of the things you should do include:

  • Asking for the question to be repeated: If you didn’t hear the question or aren’t sure what is being asked, asking for the question to be repeated is your best bet. Hearing the query again could give you more clarity on what the hiring manager is looking for and could give you time to formulate an answer.
  • Asking a follow-up question to get more clarity: If you aren’t sure exactly what is being asked, try to get more information about what the hiring manager might be looking for. By asking your own follow-up question, you can get far more clarity on the type of information the hiring manager is looking to glean so you can provide a more relevant and on-point answer.
  • Rephrasing the question in your own words: To make sure you’re asking the right question when you’re confused, simply restating the question in your own words first could be a good starting point. Start with something like “Are you asking me…” and then fill in the blank. The hiring manager will either correct your misconceptions or agree you’ve got it right, so you can give an on-point answer.

By being proactive answering tough questions, you will impress the hiring manager and provide the information the hiring manager was looking for.

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