How to Follow Up Without Crossing the Line

Persistence can pay off when it comes to the job-search process, and you want to keep in regular contact with hiring managers while you are under consideration for a job. At the same time, however, too much follow-up can cause you to cross the line to becoming a pest and can cost you the job.

To follow up in an appropriate way without coming across as too desperate or intrusive, follow these key tips:

  • Stick with customary follow-up responses: It’s customary to send a thank-you note after an interview, so go ahead and send a nice note. It’s not customary, however, to do something like send the hiring manager a gift after an interview. Don’t veer outside of normal protocols within the business world, as employers may not appreciate your creative approach.
  • Follow instructions when it comes to following up: Some job ads specify no telephone calls. If you are applying for a job based on one of those ads, do not call because failing to comply with requests will disqualify you from the job.
  • Ask about the timeline for repeated contact: When you end an interaction, like an interview or phone call, politely inquire as to when you can follow up with the hiring manager. You may get insight into how long they expect the process to take and ideally, you’ll be given a specific date to follow up. If the hiring manager says you can check in after a week, make the contact at the desired time.
  • Be polite – even if the hiring manager doesn’t get back to you when promised: If the hiring manager told you she’d contact you on Wednesday and it’s Thursday afternoon, you may be tempted to shoot over an email saying, “You said you’d get back to me.” Avoid this temptation, as this will come across as accusatory. Instead, follow up a few days after the promised deadline. Be polite and indicate you are checking in rather than calling out the hiring manager for a failure to follow up.

If you find yourself frustrated with the job search process because employers aren’t getting back to you or keeping you updated about your application status, make the job search process easier by working with a recruiter. If you’re looking for work in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas, contact SmartTalent today to find out how our staffing service can help you.

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