Keep Workers Safe in the Heat

Summer can be a challenging time for workplace safety because many employees must work in extreme weather conditions. Working outdoors in the heat could leave workers vulnerable to life-threatening heat-related injuries, so it is imperative you take safety seriously and have a plan for keeping your staff from harm.

Some of the key ways you can help to keep employees safe from heat-related risks on the job include:

  • Providing training on heat-related illness and signs of heat-stroke. Many people underestimate the dangers of working in hot environments, so you need to make sure your staff is aware of the risks. Training can include not just details on staying hydrated, taking breaks and watching for signs of heat stroke but can also address issues such as what clothes to wear to try to stay cool. You should also provide training on signs of heat stroke so if workers experience them or notice symptoms in others, swift action can be taken.
  • Offering workers the opportunity to take plenty of breaks. When workers are doing their jobs in hot environments, either indoors or out, make sure they have a chance to escape to cool down. Encourage regular breaks in cooler areas and provide a place for workers to get out of the heat. Also, make sure there is ample water available for staff members to stay hydrated and take a drink during break time.
  • Limiting the time employees spend in extreme heat. If you have a mix of projects for staff members to do, try to limit the amount of time that workers spend in the heat. By having team members trade off so each is outside or in hot environments indoors for only limited portions of the day, you reduce the risk of serious heat-related health issues developing.

You need to hire workers who understand the risks that heat presents and who can work proactively to protect themselves and their co-workers. SmartTalent can help you hire skilled staff in Kirkland, Fife, Renton, Lacey, Lynwood, Everett and surrounding areas. To find out more about how we can help you build a team that takes safety concerns seriously, give us a call today.

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