How to Determine If Your Candidate is Reliable

Are you looking for a candidate who you can count on to meet your expectations? It can be hard to determine if a candidate is reliable or not, but if you know what to look for in an interview, you can maximize the chances you’ll be able to hire someone you can trust.

Some of the key ways to tell if your candidate is reliable include:

  • The candidate shows up on time: Showing up on time is a good indicator that the candidate understands that they need to comply with expectations. A candidate who is late, on the other hand, is likely to disappoint you time and time again when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities.
  • He or she comes prepared to the interview with questions: Anyone who cares about the job is going to do their homework and be ready to both answer questions and ask intelligent questions about your business. If the candidate has questions that show that he’s clearly done his research, this is a good indicator that the candidate cares about performing his work properly and will want to excel in his job.
  • The candidate follows instructions: You need to be able to trust that the people you hire will do the work you assign them in accordance with your specifications. You can get an indicator of this by observing whether the candidate follows guidelines in the hiring process. If you request a cover letter, for example, anyone who submits a resume without one probably isn’t someone you’d want to hire.
  • The candidate comes across in a professional way: An employee you can trust will understand how to behave in a professional situation. This means dressing professionally, being polite to everyone at your organization, and answering questions with a business-like attitude. You don’t want an employee who you’re constantly worrying might embarrass the company by behaving unprofessionally.

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