Three Things an Interviewer Wants You to Know

When you are going to a job interview, it’s easy to focus on your perspective and think about how nervous you are or how good of an impression you want to make. But, you may do better during the interview process if you flip your focus and instead consider the process from the perspective of the interviewer.

By thinking about what the interviewer wants you to know, you can best prepare yourself to give the interviewer what he or she is looking for – which in turn maximizes your chances of being hired. To get you started, here are three key things that interviewers want you to know:

  • They want you to be successful. Many people view the interview process as adversarial, but it really should be collaborative. When someone is interviewing you, they want to find out whether you could become a good co-worker who helps their company to achieve greater success. They don’t want to pass you over if they don’t have to, because they wouldn’t have brought you in for the interview if they didn’t think you had the potential to be just the candidate they were looking for. It’s your job to show them their instincts in deciding to interview you were correct and that you’ll succeed if given the chance.
  • They want you to find a position that fits your needs. Companies spend a lot of time and money hiring and onboarding new employees. They don’t want to hire someone who is a bad fit who they’ll have to let go or who will leave the organization quickly. As a result, they’re looking for clues that show you would thrive in the position that’s available and the company culture they create. You should also be focused on whether you think that the company’s work environment is one you’d do well in because the goal is to match your skills and abilities with a company where those talents will help you get ahead.
  • They are looking at the big picture. Interviewers assess you on everything from whether you arrive on time to whether you display a positive attitude and show you’ve done your research about the organization. It doesn’t matter how well qualified you are for the job if you don’t make a good impression overall.

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