Four Reasons Why New Hires Fail

When your company brings on new talent, you want your new hires to be successful. Unfortunately, sometimes the people who join your team won’t perform up to expectations or will not stay on the job very long. With either of these outcomes, your organization loses.

The good news is, by understanding why new hires fail, your organization can reduce the chances of something going wrong and maximize the likelihood your new employee will exceed your expectations. Four key reasons new hires may be more likely to fail include:

  • Failing to make your expectations clear. Most people want to succeed at any new job they take on, but they need to know how the company defines success. Be clear about what you expect new employees to accomplish and how you want tasks completed so the person you’ve added to your team can rise to the challenge and give you the finished product you are looking for.
  • Not providing an effective onboarding process. Employees will be much more successful if you can integrate them into an organization. This means you should have a proper onboarding process that includes showing them the ropes, introducing them to team members they’ll need to work with, and providing the insight they need to hit the ground running.
  • Failing to provide new hires with the tools necessary for success. Make certain new hires have the training and tools they need to complete their job tasks. This can mean providing appropriate training on software programs your company uses, project management systems that are in place, or other internal systems that employees will need to take advantage of.
  • Having a poor hiring process. While equipping employees with tools and training can be very helpful to ensure they succeed, it’s also important you bring on staff members who have the capacity to thrive. To do this, you need to ensure your hiring process is designed to carefully vet candidates and find the right person to hire. If your process doesn’t properly identify a candidate with the soft and hard skills you’re looking for who is a good fit with your company culture, you’re just setting up new hires for failure.

SmartTalent can ensure you are only extending offers to people who have the best possible chance of succeeding at your organization. Give us a call to find out about the ways our staffing professionals can help your company hire the best possible who are most likely to excel.

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