Preventing Workplace Bullying and Violence

Workplace bullying and violence are no laughing matter. Bullies can be just as damaging to adults as they can to children, and violence is a major cause of death and serious injury in the workplace. You need to make certain your company is doing everything possible to discourage bad behaviors and foster a supportive, inclusive environment.

While it can be hard to know where to start in your efforts to curb bullying and prevent violence, some of the key steps you can take include:

  • Establishing formal anti-bullying policies. One of the most important things your company can do to prevent bullying and violence is to clarify exactly what behavioral standards apply in the office. You should have a handbook that clearly sets forth expectations for appropriate workplace conduct. This handbook should also provide insight into the swift consequences that could result from behaviors considered unacceptable at work.
  • Setting a good example. If you want to create an environment of respect, it’s imperative every one of the higher-ups set an example. This means senior staff should treat every employee courteously and should avoid behaviors that could be construed as bullying behaviors.
  • Establishing a safe way for employees to report problems. The only way you can nip bullying in the bud is to make sure employees who are being victimized have a way to speak up. All too often, the bad behavior goes on behind the backs of those in charge and no one knows the extent of the problems. Make sure there’s a safe way for staff members to talk about what’s occurring – and there are multiple avenues for reporting in case one of the people who is supposed to take the report is the bully. And, when bullying is reported, show you’ll follow through by investigating the incident and taking the necessary actions to resolve the problem.

Hiring the right team can also help you reduce the likelihood of bullying or violence. SmartTalent will work closely with you to help ensure you can find employees who will work well together and who will treat each other with respect. Contact our staffing professionals today to learn more about how we can help you build a great team.

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