Should You Show Weakness on the Job?

Most employees want to come across as strong and capable, and expressing this type of attitude is usually in your best interests. However, that doesn’t mean you never can – or should – show weakness on the job. In fact, there are certain circumstances where you and your employer may be better off when you don’t try to pretend you’ve got it all under control.

So, when should you ask for help, even if you’re afraid it may make you seem weak?

  • When you don’t understand the work you’ve been asked to perform. While you may not want to show weakness when it comes to job tasks, it is far better to admit you need help than to make major mistakes that impede productivity or hurt the company’s bottom line. Asking for advice up front when you aren’t sure how to approach something could give you the tools necessary for success.
  • When you want to take steps to show how you’ve improved. Many employers want to see workers grow on the job. If you have a skill or ability you struggle with, don’t be afraid to let your employer know about the steps you are taking to overcome the weakness and improve. Your manager should appreciate your perseverance and your successful efforts at improving won’t go unnoticed.
  • When co-workers are behaving inappropriately. If you are not being treated properly in the workplace, there is nothing weak about speaking up even though you may feel weak about asking for help. In fact, it can show a lot of courage to say that something is not right at your work. Not only can speaking up help you to hopefully put an end to unpleasant behavior, but you may also spare others from being treated improperly if those people are afraid to speak out about what’s happening on the job.

It’s important you have a position where you’re able to ask for help and support when you need it. If your current job isn’t that position, SmartTalent could help you to find a company that’s a better fit. Give our staffing service a call today to find out how we can work with you to find a job that’s right for you.

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