The Best Way to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

Why should we hire you? This is a common question that you can expect to be asked at job interviews.  Of course, you want to make sure that the answer you provide is compelling – but how can you do that? Just follow these tips and you’re sure to impress the hiring manager and maximize your chances of getting an offer:

  • Tailor the answer to the job description: The company is looking for a candidate to accomplish specific tasks and bring certain desired skills to the table. When you’re asked why they should hire you, you want to focus on the particular traits they are looking for. Before you go to the interview, you should review the job ad to remind yourself who the company has described as their ideal candidate.  When you’re asked about why they should hire you, you can provide an answer that mirrors the language from the job ad and shows the employer you have the exact skills they’re seeking.
  • Show how you’ll provide value to the company: The company is looking for someone who will perform well for them. You don’t want to focus on what the job could do for you or why it’s the perfect position to advance your career. You want to demonstrate clearly that the work you perform will make the company more productive and more successful.
  • Provide specific anecdotes, not vague platitudes: It’s easy to talk about how you’re the ideal candidate, but it can be harder to show it. That’s why you want to be prepared in advance with stories of your past successes to show that you’re the person the company is seeking. If the company is looking to hire an administrative professional who can multi-task, come prepared with specific details about how you’ve done well before in juggling your time and getting everything done.

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