Does Your Company Culture Attract Great Candidates?

You want to hire the very best people to come and work at your organization. To do that, you need a company culture that’s attractive to the most talented people in your field. Company culture matters a lot when people are deciding where they want to work, and you need to make sure your company culture increases the chance that good people will apply and accept your offers.

So, how can you tell if your company culture is going to help you in your hiring process?  You should:

  • Conduct stay and exit interviews with current and departing employees: The best way to find out how employees view your culture is to ask them. Many companies wait until employees leave to find out how their experience with the organization has been. These exit interviews can provide invaluable insight. But, you also want to talk with people who are currently at your organization to find out what they like and what can be improved. By asking specific questions about company culture, you can find out how your employees view your organization and what changes you may need to make.
  • Read online reviews of your organization on career websites: There are a number of websites online where employees rate the organizations they work for. You can find out the unbiased opinions of people who you employ by visiting these sites where workers leave anonymous reviews. If you spot trends, you can make changes to the things many people complain about when it comes to your culture.
  • Observe interactions between your employees: You can also get an idea of your company culture by observing the way employees work and interact. Do coworkers step in to help each other out? Do managers recognize when an employee has a win? These are important indicators of whether you’ve created a collaborative environment where employees are motivated and are rewarded for their efforts.

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