Managing Remote Workers

If you’re managing staff members who work remotely, setting your team up for success is more important than ever. As the telecommuting economy booms, you need to be prepared to accommodate and effectively manage your remote workers. Managing remote workers isn’t just about making sure tasks get done, you always want to focus on making remote workers feel included. Everyone wants to be a part of the team, even if it’s from the comfort of their couch. Here are our best tips on how you can manage your staff from a distance.


As you manage your off-site team, you’ll notice the importance of communication and making it simple for your employee to succeed. Talk with your remote workers about how you can effectively communicate back and forth and make a plan to invest in tools to help your team succeed. Try Slack, Skype for Business or another quick communication tool specifically to address day-to-day proceedings. Research what tools cater to remote workers and find out how your staff members can incorporate them into their routines.


There are several ways you can help your staff members succeed in a remote setting, and one is to help them have precise expectations. Are deadlines fluid based on your employee’s workload, or is there a rigidity to what tasks need to be accomplished. If you require a weekly update, be clear about when that is due and what it should include. With telecommuting staff, it’s extra important to clarify your expectations with your staff members. A “work plan” with detailed descriptions of tasks with their due dates may be a helpful way to stay organized.

Be Communicative and Respectful

With so much to juggle in the workplace, it can be easy to neglect the workers who aren’t right in front of you. Schedule a monthly check-in to discuss progress and any concerns and go above and beyond when it comes to communicating. When a remote worker sends a message, remember they can’t just pop in to follow up with you, and they may be frozen on a task until they hear back. Even if you don’t have an answer for them right away, follow up to tell them you’re aware of their inquiry and you’re working on it. This little update can help your remote workers feel like you’re looking out for them.

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