Recruiting on a Budget? Check Out These 5 Ideas!

Finding the right talent is key to driving your business forward. However, the process of recruiting often requires significant resources – time and money that you might not always have available.

These conditions lead to an obvious question: how do you find the right workers without breaking the bank? How can you compete with the competition if you have to search for talent on a budget?

Luckily, there are ways to save during the recruiting process. It takes creativity and outside-the-box thinking. But finding great team members doesn’t always have to be a function of an expensive job search.

Here are five ideas that will allow you to recruit top candidates while sticking to a budget:

Contact Former Candidates 

Doing anything on a budget involves giving the most out of every situation. Turn that concept to recruiting.

For any open position, you’re only going to hire a single person. That means there is a group of almost-got-hired candidates you can turn to in that talent pool. When another position becomes available, contact those applicants first. You’ve already met them and already vetted them. If one of them is still available, you can avoid launching another expensive recruiting process.

Use Social Media

Developing an employer brand is almost as important as building your profile with consumers. A good reputation among potential applicants helps keep your recruiting costs low, as candidates are already primed to respond to you.

Social media offers a cost-effective way to do this kind of branding. Use your social media feed to highlight the value of working for your company. Announce new positions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other relevant platforms. It can streamline the process and reduce the resources needed to find new talent.

Get the Most Out of Interviews

Interviews aren’t just about learning about the candidates who come in. They also provide an opportunity to pitch your company.

For top candidates, the interview might represent your only one-on-one interaction. Don’t waste it. Spend a portion of each interview outlining the benefits of working for the company. Make sure the best candidates leave the meeting excited about the prospect of working for you.

Include Employees in the Process

Your employees represent an excellent source of recruiting power. They know your company better than anyone. Meanwhile, they also have an intimate understanding of the positions available. They can highlight the small ways you provide value over your competitors.

Your employees also have connections with other people sharing similar skills and attributes. They can put you in touch with excellent candidates, meaning you won’t have to launch a formal expensive process.

Use a Recruiter 

You use outside experts for many of your intermittent needs. You don’t have enough legal work for a full-time in-house counsel, so you retain an outside firm. You farm out some of your accounting work when it comes to tax time. Why not take the same approach to recruiting?

A staffing agency can dramatically cut your costs, while still bringing you the high-level talent you need. A top-flight recruiter, like SmartTalent, can bring you highly effective talent, at a fraction of the cost it would require if you conducted the process yourself.

Contact SmartTalent today to learn more.

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