Clean Up Your Facebook Profile While Job Searching With These Tips

Don’t be surprised if a potential employer stalks your Facebook profile. It’s just part of the snooping (or “due diligence” if you’re using corpo-speak) any responsible HR staffer would do before recommending a hire. Knowing this, you should take whatever steps are necessary to clean up your profile and make sure your Facebook presence helps you land a job. 

After all, most potential employers do a lot of research before making a hiring decision. Issuing a job offer represents a big decision, with long-lasting implications. Companies want to learn everything they can before committing. 

Social media provides an excellent tool to get that done. A little light stalking of your Facebook page allows potential employers to get a glimpse into your off-work personality. They can learn as much (or even more) than they could from an interview. 

It’s up to you to make sure your Facebook profile helps your chances rather than hurts them. Here are a few steps you can take to clean up your Facebook profile and raise your chances of landing that ideal position: 

Take Down Controversial Posts 

Of course, free speech is essential. But in some cases, you have a choice: self-edit your online posts, or say what you want and remain unemployed.  

Remember, employers are looking for people who embody their culture. As such, you want your social media presence to remain corporate-friendly. Go through your old posts and delete items that walk the line, or could be misconstrued. And going forward, keep your job prospects in mind as you post. 

Worry About Grammar and Punctuation 

Facebook is a relatively casual place to share your thoughts. It’s not like you’re writing a term paper or making a formal presentation. However, get too relaxed, and you might turn off prospective employers.  

For anything you post on Facebook, do some basic copyediting. Just make sure your spelling, grammar, and punctuation meet minimum standards. Employers will see that you are detailed-oriented and care about presentation. 

Consider Your Profile Pic 

That picture of the time you fell asleep in a dumpster might be hilarious. However, it’s not likely to land you a high-powered corporate position. Like with the copyediting advice, this might seem aggressively superficial and overly proper. But you don’t want any barriers preventing you from getting the job you want.  

As such, keep your profile pic as professional as possible. It doesn’t have to be a formal headshot or anything. But choose a picture that presents you in the best light. Consider it a baseline form of personal branding. 

Watch Your Likes 

Your posts aren’t the only content on Facebook that will get you in trouble with a potential employer. Things your friend’s upload can become problems as well. You’re not responsible for what they post. But you are responsible for what you like, and the comments you make. Make sure these fit the professional tone you’re trying to set.  

Don’t blindly like something, just trying to be kind, only to notice later that it’s inappropriate. In other words, pay attention to all your online activity and view it all through the job-search lens. 

Finding the right job requires putting your best foot forward. That becomes easier when you know you are ideally suited for a position. By partnering with a top-ranked staffing firm, like SmartTalent, you locate the best placements for your skills and background. 

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