Signs It Is Time for a Career Change

Do you feel like you’re in a rut? How do you know if that’s just a passing slow patch or the sign you need a change of scenery? It’s important to know the difference between everyday bouts of boredom and existential career stagnation.

Understanding when to seek fresh opportunities represents a key career-building trait. However, this instinct has become even more important given the current economic situation. With rising wages and a tight labor market, your chances of landing a great job are as good as they’ve been in some time. Are you ready to take advantage?

You need the right mental tools to decide whether to stick with your current job or search for something new. With that in mind, here are some signs it is time for a career change:

You’ve Lost Interest

Every morning, you dread heading to work. Once there, you have trouble getting started. Most days, you only deliver the minimum effort. You check the time constantly, waiting for your seemingly endless day to end.

If this portrait encapsulates your day, you’ve hit a crossroads. Rather than stoically tolerating another grueling eight hours, consider your options.

You Count the Days to Weekends and Holidays

Do you basically live for vacations? That’s a sign of an unfulfilling work situation.

Most people cherish their days off. You can unwind, destress, recharge, and spend time with your loved ones. But you should also look forward to getting back to work. If not, you might need to find a more exciting or rewarding position.

You Start Snapping at Your Coworkers

Tempers flare when stress mounts. As much as you try to hold it in, frustration can burst out. If you have trouble controlling your emotions at work, the situation may have pushed beyond the point of no return.

Your Performance Suffers

If your job is a bad fit, it can start to affect your ability to perform. You just don’t care enough to give your best effort.

This can have long-term consequences. You can lose career momentum and the opportunity to improve your skills. Meanwhile, poor performance reports can haunt you, even as you seek out a more engaging position. Better to find a position that sparks your enthusiasm than waste time putting in mediocre work.

You Can’t Remember Why You Took the Job (Except for the Money)

Yes, you work to get paid. But that shouldn’t be the only reason you get up in the morning. Ideally, your job should have a deeper hold on your attention.

Try to remember what excited you about the job in the first place. Go back to that moment when you were first offered the position. What made you pump your fist and look forward to your first day.

If trying to recall that early spark comes up empty, it might be time for a more engaging situation—something that will offer more than money.

You Notice Signs of Trouble Outside the Job

Not all the signs of a bad work situation manifest during the workday.  You might notice signals popping up in other parts of your life as well. Here are a few red flags to look out for:

  • Your home life suffers
  • Your job is impacting your health
  • You’re always complaining
  • Your friends keep telling you to quit

Ready for a career change? If you’ve reached the end of the road at your current position, don’t wait another day. A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can put you in the perfect situation to get your career back on track.

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