7 Mental Health Apps to Help Your Day-to-Day

There’s no doubt about it: 2020 has been a stressful year. COVID-19, the political situation, the economic uncertainty – the traumas are stacking up quickly (and the year is only about half done at this point). Everyone could use a little nudge to get their mental health back on track. Luckily, there’s an app for that. (Several, actually…as we’ll see.) 

Of course, if you’re facing a serious mental health crisis, you should reach out to a professional to help you along. But for those day-to-day challenges, some light intervention can help you stay centered and calm. Downloading the right app can help you stay more mindful and relaxed during these stressful times. 

There are dozens of mental health apps available for download. Here are a few of the more prominent choices, the ones with the best reputation for helping you through those routine, day-to-day stresses.

 7 Mental Health Apps to Help Your Day-to-Day


Meditation is an ancient method of reaching mental peace and spiritual enlightenment. In the modern world, though, we don’t have time to climb mountaintops seeking out gurus. Instead, we have downloadable smartphone apps. About a decade old at this point, Headspace presents a wide variety of meditations, meant to ease your mind and calm your nerves. There’s a monthly fee for the app…but, hey, at least you don’t have to climb that mountaintop. 


The goal of this app is pretty clear from its name. Feeling a little agitated? This program, a former iPhone App of the Year, aims to help. Like Headspace, it features guided meditation. The app also offers so-called “sleep stories,” meant to help you turn your brain off at bedtime. Calm comes with a monthly subscription fee as well. 


Is meditation a bit too much for you, especially at work? Breathe2Relax gives you a simpler solution. It provides breathing exercises designed to get your nerves under control. Also, the app is free to download. (Something for free? We can see your stress levels lowering already.) 


Meditation and controlled breathing are all about sinking into your consciousness, separating yourself from the anxiety of the modern world. Happify takes a more interactive approach. The app provides a series of games meant to “train your brain” for happiness. Whether or not you believe their approach to happiness (basically, that there is a scientific way to develop happiness as a skill), the games themselves provide a distraction and a mental release. Happify has some free items, but to unlock everything, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription. 

What’s Up  

This app takes a multi-pronged approach to mental health. Like some of the other apps so far, it includes breathing exercises and other techniques to create a better body/mind interaction. At the same time, it provides features like a journal (giving you access to the mental release of a modern-day “Dear Diary”) and inspirational content. The basic app is free, though it does have up-sell content that requires in-app purchases. 


Like What’s Up, MoodTools offers a variety of approaches to improving your mental health. It also has a journal feature and inspirational content (including TED Talk videos). Meanwhile, the app includes the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), a diagnostic test designed to identify the symptoms of depression. (Again, for more severe mental health challenges, you should seek professional help, rather than rely on an app.) 


So far, we’ve looked at apps that allow you to soothe your mental state on your own. Just you and a little modern technology. Talkspace lets you reach out to someone else. Using the app allows you to connect with an online therapist. It might not be appropriate for serious mental health issues (just to bang the idea home: you should probably seek out a more permanent therapeutic relationship for those issues). But as a way to talk out simple problems or get occasional guidance, it provides a kind of therapy starter set. The downside? It can get expensive. The unlimited messaging plan nets out at $196 a month. 

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