Branding Yourself as an Experienced Job Seeker

SmartTalent - 5 Qualities Confident People Display in an InterviewWhen you are involved in a job search, make sure you come across as the best possible candidate for the positions you are interested in. This means showcasing and highlighting your experience. You want to build a personal brand so employers will know exactly what you are offering, and you want this brand to make clear you have the skills, background, and credentials to excel.

So, how can you brand yourself as an experienced job seeker? These tips will help to showcase why you are the most qualified of the candidates:

  • Base your resume around specific accomplishments. Many people write chronological resumes, but this may not be the best option – especially if you haven’t had a lot of jobs. Instead, you may wish to consider an experience-based resume. You’ll highlight the skills you have acquired and the professional accomplishments under your belt, while giving specific examples of how you have proven yourself.       The more detailed you can be about your past experience, the more convincing you will be to employers about your ability to do the job you’re being considered for.
  • Create a portfolio showcasing your experience. Showing is always better than telling. If you can create a portfolio that provides concrete proof of your greatest accomplishments, you’ll have something to present to potential employers. Today, many people use the Internet to create a portfolio that can make them look attractive to companies in their field. You can also develop your reputation as an expert by publishing online articles and joining groups on websites like LinkedIn where you can contribute to discussions.
  • Prepare to discuss your accomplishments in interviews. When you have impressed a potential employer enough to get an interview, be ready to provide specific proof about your experience. Consider preparing some stories or anecdotes to share which showcase your past professional successes. You should also practice coming up with answers to common interview questions which will demonstrate how experienced you are.

SmartTalent helps job seekers in Kirkland, Fife, and Renton find temp work to build resume experience. Our staffing professionals can also help get you in front of hiring managers for your dream job where you’ll have the chance to showcase why your experience makes you a great fit. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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