Why So Many People Are Indifferent About Using a Staffing Agency and Why You Shouldn’t Be

 About 16 million jobs are filled each year through staffing companies. At the same time, around 9 out of every 10 employers utilize recruiting firms in some way. But ask a typical job seeker about a staffing firm and what do you usually get? Yawns. Shrugs. General lack of enthusiasm 

Why? Why are so many people indifferent about using a staffing agency when they comprise such an important part of the labor market? 

Generally speaking, it has to do with awareness. Your prototypical job candidate just doesn’t understand the benefits that come from working with a staffing firm. According to one set of data, only 18% of people surveyed thought of using a recruiter for their job search. 

That’s a mistake. The same figures that showed a sub-20% awareness level of recruiters indicated the substantial value you can get from a recruiter. About three out of four respondents (74%) said they had a good experience searching for positions with a recruiter’s help.  

Want to know why? Here’s why you shouldn’t be indifferent about a staffing agency: 

Land a Job Faster 

With COVID swelling the unemployment rolls, it has become much tougher to find a job. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average time job seekers spend on unemployment reached more than 20 weeks (20.2) in August of 2020. That compares to a figure of just about 6 weeks (6.1) in April. Meanwhile, 12% of people will remain on unemployment for at least 27 weeks or more than half a year.

A staffing agency can cut this time. Recruiters have extensive networks of existing clients and a list of currently open positions. Assuming you have the right skills and background, the staffing firm can often slot you right into an appropriate role. 

Get More Information 

Going into most job-search situations, you don’t get much information about potential employers. You have the job description, plus whatever else you can piece together from official websites, media mentions, and social media. You might balance this with posts on employer review sites, but it’s hard to get a third-party perspective. 

Using a recruiter breaks you out of this trap. Working closely with employers, a staffing firm gathers important information about their operations and preferences. This allows them to put you in the perfect placement for your skills and background. 

Build Your Resume 

It’s a common problem: to get experience, you already have to have experience. Employers (justifiably) want to hire people with a background in their industry. But if you’re starting out in your career or in the process of switching fields, it leaves you in the cold. How do you get experience if no one will hire you? 

recruiter provides the ideal solution. Temporary assignments and staffing roles allow you to build your resume and expand your skills. 

Find Flexible Situations 

A full-time nine-to-five job doesn’t suit everyone. That schedule may represent the typical work structure, but many people need a different professional routine. Whether it’s child-care concerns, continued schooling, or some other responsibility, a large chunk of the workforce is looking for an alternative to the stereotypical schedule. 

Staffing agencies provide access to these opportunities. Through a recruiter, you can find part-time work, short-duration gigs, and flexible situations.  

Open the Door to Unexpected Jobs 

Recruiters don’t just help you land available jobs. They offer you access to positions you wouldn’t know about otherwise. Working with a staffing firm opens doors to opportunities that haven’t been announced publicly yet. 

Many employers work exclusively through a recruiter. Positions at these firms don’t get posted on public sites. Instead, they are only available through the staffing firm. 

Convinced a staffing firm is for you? By working with a top recruiter, like SmartTalent, you open the door to new opportunities and accelerated career advancement. 

Contact SmartTalent today to learn more. 

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