How to Find a Safe Job During this Next Wave of COVID

There was a time when it seemed like COVID would represent a brief blip in the economy, followed by a quick return to normal. Those assumptions have largely disappeared at this point. As you search for a job, you have to keep the virus in view, searching for a safe situation while preparing for the next COVID wave.

Businesses throughout the country continue to suffer from the pandemic. One survey showed that more than two-thirds of small businesses (67.2%) describe themselves as suffering either a large or moderate negative effect from COVID. Meanwhile, economists worry that another pandemic wave could undermine the economy.

That suggests that most prospective employers you encounter will have the virus on their minds as they search for talent. You should consider those challenges as well. This will help you stay safe while maintaining your career momentum during an uncertain economic time.

With that in mind, here’s how to find a safe job during this next wave of COVID:

Do Your Research

The contours of the COVID outbreak seem to change on a daily basis. Sometimes, it feels like the worst of the pandemic is finally behind us. Then, there will be a renewed spike in cases or a fresh variant to worry about.

As you conduct your job search, stay up to date on COVID news. Understand when the statistics point to trouble and when things seem more under control. This will help guide your policy as you make decisions, like whether to meet in person.

Stay Flexible

Don’t lock into a particular policy. The statistics on COVID continue to change. At the same time, incoming scientific research constantly updates the best practices for dealing with the virus.

You need to stay flexible about your approach. As you conduct your research, integrate new information into your behavior.

At the same time, be ready for different companies (and different individuals) to have their own ways of dealing with the pandemic. Some will have strict safety policies, while others will have a less aggressive approach to virus protection.

Talk to Your Network

As always, networking remains crucial to finding a great job. However, the confines of your search change during COVID. You aren’t just looking for an opportunity. You’re also searching for specific information.

Ask your contacts about safety protocols at particular companies. Share your concerns and your preferences. This way, you can get in-depth information about employers and about the broader trends in your industry.

Look for Remote Work

The COVID situation creates uncertainty. You never know when another lockdown could hit. It helps to have options, even when pandemic restrictions are at their strictest.

A remote job offers excellent protection against pandemic uncertainty. These positions allow you to stay working, even if more lockdowns hit. As such, consider searching for an at-home assignment to guard against having your life impacted by the virus.

Talk to Potential Employers about COVID Policies

While you look for a job, make COVID an explicit topic of conversation. Learn what policies prospective employers have in place to combat the virus. This will help you make an intelligent choice when it comes time to weigh job offers.

This conversation should apply to the hiring process as well. Discover what companies are doing to protect job candidates. With procedures such as virtual interviews, you can keep staying safe while still pushing your career forward.

Looking for your next opportunity despite worries about another wave of COVID? A top recruiter, like SmartTalent, can help you stay safe while you push your career forward.

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